Evicting Tenants

Scenerio…you have a tenant who does not pay the rent for a month…how long would it take to evict and get a new tenant into the property? Do you have to go to court, and wait weeks and yada-yada-yada? Or, is it a failry quick procedure? ~Virginia Beach

Not knowing your state laws…

In the future, do not wait a full month before acting and taking the necessary steps towards eviction. I’ve learned in the 10 years we’ve been in the rental business that no good can come of it, and if anything it lets the tenants know that you’re slow to act.

Most states have some version of this process:

-give the tenant ‘notice’ that you’re going to begin eviction proceedings(includes telling them how much they owe, etc.)
-if they don’t pay or leave, go to the Justice of the Peace and file for eviction proceedings
-get a trial date
-get a ruling for eviction from the JP
-get the Sherrif to serve them the eviction notice
-have the Sherrif forcibly remove them and you get your property back

In Texas this entire process can happen in under a month. I know in some states it can drag on for months.

Google your state name and eviction. You should find links to info that pertains to you state’s specific laws. There are also some decent books on the subject that are state specific.

If you have non-paying tenants get the process started ASAP.

Karla in Amarillo