Evict the tenant who disappeared

2 tenants - 1 lease in apartment. one lady is paying rent. 2nd lady disappeared leaving all her items at the property. Has not paid rent for july. Quit the job and disconnected cell phone. So I can’t reach her.

what options do I have legally to throw 2nd tenant out

If you don’t have the full amount of July’s rent, they are both in violation of the lease.

If you are getting all your rent, you do nothing.

If the remaining tenant can’t pay the rent, you must evict everyone. (Besides, why would you want to leave the 1 tenant in place if she can’t pay?)

I’d give the tenants (put both names on the notice) their pay or quit notice.

Verbally tell the remaining tenant that if she can get ALL the stuff out, get the house cleaned up, and give you the keys back, that you will give her a good reference to help her get another place. That it will save her from having an eviction on her record that she doesn’t deserve.

Once the house is empty and you’ve got the keys, the missing tenant is no longer your problem. Take photos of the empty house, get it ready, and get it rented again.

If the missing tenant still has stuff in the house, you will need to evict, and, unfortunately, every one on the lease must be named in the eviction.