Evicition help - Texas


I have been a landlord for several years and have done number of evictions for non payment of rent, all of them pretty straightforward. On a couple of occasions I had Constable assist, but that was it.
I recently filed an eviction for non payment of rent and found out that the tenant acquired an attorney who requested a continuance.
I did some searching for possible scenarios online and now trying to decide, if I should handle it myself or try to get an assistance. I’m looking for opinions or maybe experiences of somebody who has been through similar situation.
I appreciate your input.



The very first thought I have reading your post is your tenant is preparing to file a bankruptcy as it is not normal for a tenant to take on legal council for non payment of rent and a eviction hearing.

I think filing bankruptcy the tenant wants 30 or 40 days to save money and re-organize his living situation while discharging his debt including your eviction and subsequent back owed rents.

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Hello GR,

What you’re saying makes sense, I guess I’ll find out more as the time goes.
Thanks for the response.


I’ve never had that happen.

I would talk to the clerk and see what the reason for a continuance was (you should be able to get a copy) and ask how you can fight it?

Most JoP and judges are no BS when it comes to eviction for nonpayment.

Tbe tenant in Texas is going unless he pays but I would never go to court against a lawyer without one of my own.


I agree in theory.
But will your lawyer go to court for less then one months rent?

My lawyer charges $950 to do an eviction. It is just the way I business. You don’t want to bring a knife to a gun fight. If he brings a lawyer there will be either 2 or 3 lawyers in that room. 3 lawyers if you have one otherwise there will be 2 and you. In law school the first thing they learn is that all the lawyers at the table get paid. You want to make sure you are one of them.

His lawyer can be the difference between the tenant staying an extra month versus 9 months if you don’t have one too.