Every new guy here should visit this site first..................


It’s about a 24 year old kid who bought 8 homes in 1 year. He is now $2.2 MILLION in debt and facing foreclosure on 6 homes.

This kid was at all the famous GURU’S seminars and they used him as an EXAMPLE of how anyone could make millions in real estate. He admits he buried himself, he lied on liar loans (WOW there’s a SHOCKER) and made every mistake you could make.

It’s a MUST visit site for ANYONE new. Real Estate can be great, but it can also wreck your life if you screw up.

A word to the wise.

He’s STILL around? This guy has been pumping his problems for probably over a year now. I’m surprised he’s still around with all the problems he “claims” to have had.

I saw this on TV…20/20 or something like that. This kid NEVER looked at any of the properties he bought.

I follow the blog pretty closely. His wife left him, the FBI is investigating him, etc…

He is :flush

Wow. Good stuff. Talk about reality smacking you right in the face. You know Pete, the more I read your posts the more I understand what you are talking about (slow learner). Thanks for your insight and reality.

Sounds like a story about a poor sap that got caught up in all the hype. Too bad for him.

It is too bad. The only reason I throw this stuff out there is with the hope that it may get a new guy (or old guy) to just SLOW down for a minute.

It’s AMAZING to me how fast people will sign on a line for hundreds of thousands of dollars with just the HOPE of everything working out. As a previous poster noted this kid didn’t even SEE the homes he purchased.
I see posts here all the time from people who want to invest in states they’re not even living in. I know people who have made money doing that but they are seasoned pro’s, not new guys.

Anyway, Thanks Jared

dont tell pete but i am the brains behind him,lol hehe

my 2 cents

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There’s an old saying I’ve always liked… “There are pigs and there are hogs. Hogs get slaughtered.”

I think this kid is a spiral-sliced ham… :wink:


It seems that Casey has had a rough time. I think if he had of went ahead and done the book deal he could have pulled himself out of the meat grinder. To bad his wife wanted him out of the biz.

That is an interesting website. I don’t feel sorry for him at all — if you dig your own grave, you might as well lay down in it.

He looks like a young punk. He might be a really nice guy, but in the business world you need to “dress for success” and unlike that kid cut your hair or at least wear it so it’s appropriate. Otherwise people will assume you’re a dufus college student attempting to do real estate deals and they’ll not take you seriously. Impressions DO matter.

But most importantly - it looks like that guy didn’t take the time or effort to get any ‘real’ education before getting into the business.

“Stupid is as stupid does”