Ever see something that made you sick?


Is it just me or do those colors make you want to puke? Anyone want an easy rehab? Buy it and paint the damn thing. :biggrin

Frankly, I’ve seen a whole lot worse…with some folks, all of their ‘taste’ is in their mouth!


How about a yellow log cabin?

Or you could place some shag carpet inside that is the same colors as the outside and market the house as retro. Add a little wood paneling, I am thinking like the Brady bunch style.


Yes, I’ve seen things that almost made me sick, but that house wasn’t one of them. When I went into our last vacant apartment today, I noticed a TERRIBLE smell which was coming from the unplugged refrigerator. As I was cleaning out the filth, I noticed that the goo was MOVING! It was filled with LIVE MAGGOTS! That just about made me sick! Pass me the Pepto!


That does sound pretty gross, I’ve seen some fun stuff like that too. As far as colors go that house is a winner though as far as gross goes.

one of our houses is right across the street from a PURPLE house! A nice lavender for the house with darker purple trim!! Nice. We had one potential tenant comment last week at “how darling your house is…to bad it faces that Purple thing over there!”

I guess the lady that owns the house is such a huge fan of EYORE that she painted her house to match him… whatever… I guess it could have been worse. She could have been a Tigger fan and had orance with nice black stipes.

I would like a Tigger house, orange with black stripes is appealing to me. Ever see that Comcast digital phone commericial with the tiger guy? “Sorry Roger, you tiger now.”