Ever collect from a deadbeat on Disability?

Ever collect from a deadbeat on Disability?

I have deadbeat tenants that I have finally got evicted. They totally trashed the house and owe me for 4 months of back rent.

One of them gets about 3k a month in disability so I’m wondering if I sue them in small claims, get a judgment, would I be able to attach her disability income?


Were they mentally or physically handicapped? I don’t know about garnisheeing a mentally deficient tenant, think I would write that off.


You need to garnish the checking account they mix with non-exempt funds. You’ll never get a direct garnishment.

A lot of disability funds cannot be garnished…military disability retirements for example. An ex-wife can’t even get part of that…


Please go ahead and get the judgment. It will go onto their credit report and warn future landlords.

At least that gives you the satisfaction of making it difficult for Mr Deadbeat to get a nice place to live.

You won’t be able to garnish the disability, but you can put a garnishment on his banking account. He’ll change his account as soon as you get your first collection, but you will have received a few dollars, at least.

You can also turn a judgment over to a collection agency. They might not get you any money, but at least they will do their bit to make his life miserable. “Collections” will also show up on his credit report.

We landlords should stick together. I’ll warn you if one of my ex-tenants is a problem. In return, you get that onto his credit report: pay it forward.

I did get the judgment for “unlawful detainer” aka Eviction but did not ask for money at the time.

After I finally took back procession of the property, I discovered it is completely thrashed (shouldn’t be surprised though) They have also left a weeks worth of dump runs for me including a few junked cars.

They are bot on disability but not disabled, just working the system. Had them work on putting up a new roof with me, carrying 50lb bundles of aspfault shingles and they had no prob, in better shape than me. That and the fact that they had all sorts of weight lifting and workout equipment really made me realize they were not disabled in any way. Our hard earned tax dollar going to work right there.

I agree, we do need to stick together…