Evaluating A Property

What’s the best/most accurate way to evaluate the value of a potential purchase in my market?

Comparable sales. Similar homes in the same area that have sold within the past few months.

I am going to add a few comments… there are 11 doors you should knock on prior to knocking on the door of the prospect…

Just looking at comparable sales in a downward market doesnt give you the accurate picture of pricing…

The 11 doors consist of

3 just solds

3 actives

5 houses around the prospect… What I call a six pack

BTW here is the ctiteria I use to determine whih chouses to look at

within 200 Sq Ft
within 5 years of age
within 1/4 mile
like type
like size

When you talk to these house occupants there are very specific questions to ask…

Good Luck…

Michael Quarles