European Real Estate Investment Clubs

Hi everybody,

Do you know any Real Estate Investment Club in Europe?

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I knew of one…once…but every time they invested in the US they lost millions…so they quit investing in the US.

I have heard of a lot of Asian business men investing in a lot of Real Estate in the US, primarily CA and FL.

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I don’t know the time period this quote refers to but, with the US real estate market on sale, and the dollar in the doldrums, there is currently a tremendous amount of foreign investment in US real estate.

There are a few good foreign real estate forums that discuss Europe. You might post your question on a few of them:

3 years ago is when this happened. Because of this situation I quite using foreign funding. But, it looks like I should probably start looking back into it again.

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Thanks for sharing. Well real estate investment is very good option for future savings. Real estate is really profitable. Thanks!!