Estimating Repair Costs

I’m learning about wholesaling. I don’t have the money to hire a contractor and I don’t know much at all about inspecting homes or how much it costs. Is there a way I can get any help with this? I heard of cost of work sheets. Is there a way I can get one?

You’ll have to learn your local remodeling prices. You’ll have to hire a contractor or two to give you some ideas on how much things cost. After a while you’ll get to know the price range for repairs/remodeling. Perhaps you can contact a local home inspector and see if he’ll let you “tag along” on inspections.Then he can point out things and you can see them firsthand. The education is worth the investment of time and money.

bernard - I also had the same question few weeks ago when I first joined this forum. I did a search and captured the information from different posters:

-Flip (book) - some people said this is a good reference book that will give you an idea of cost of repairs.
-Marshall Swift book on Home Repair and Remodel 2008 Cost Guide
-R S Means books at Home Depot that detail cost per sq. ft. or lin. ft. i
-home depot - if you ask for their contractor book or catalog it comes with a program called national repair and remodeling estimator

Please note that the above were copy and paste from posts in this site. I can’t claim first hand knowledge on any of them. If you search for cost of repairs you should be able to read the actual threads where I got this information from.

Good luck!

Thanks guys for all the great advice!!!

It all comes with experience, but keep in mind you will always under estimate the costs :slight_smile:

I generally estimate as follows:

Kitchen - $2k to $4k installed (depends on size and home values of course, I deal with $100k homes… these general rules I go by)
Bathroom - $1500 for complete replacement

  • 62"+ about $600
  • 32" about $100 to $200
  • toilet about $150
  • tub about $350

Pain - about $1.50/sqft inside, $1.25/sqft outside
Carpet - about $1.50/sqft including pad (installed)
tile - about $2/sqft installed (thats my price with my contractor, some charge $2+ just to install)


  • single - about $75 installed
  • double - about $150 installed


  • Ourside door $350+
  • Inside doors $100+

Living Room $100-$150
Bedrooms $50-$75

I usually estimate about $2.5/sqft but never had to replace one, had estimates. Get estimates if it needs roof

Trash halling
-depends on whats being done and city fees, from $300 to $2000+

WOW!! Thank you very much!!!

What do you mean by 62’’ and 32’'?

For paint - do you mean per sqft of the wall you need to cover or per sqft of the room you need to cover? Probably a stupid question… but I have to ask… :O)

For roof - is your estimate per sqft of the roof or per sqft of the house? Probably the first… but again… I had to ask… Sorry… :O)

Fadi - thank you for the great info.

the 62" and 32" refers to the size of the vanity sorry :slight_smile: Master bathrooms usually have the larger vanity size, while the others usually have the smaller size.

For the Paint, again this is just my estimating during my quick 5 mins evaluation of the house… I base it on the size of the house not rooms… I will talk to different contractors till I find one that meets my price if I have to.

For the Roof, I base it again on the size of the house even if it is two stories. They usually will charge extra anyway due to the elevation, but again… this is my own estimating and I never had to replace a roof…

THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! That’s very helpful!!!

I just noticed your comment about not being able to afford a contractor. first of all, just about any contractor is more than happy to give you free estimate… look them up on craigslist. You can establish a relationship with a contractor and they will give you free estimates, tell them you will sell their service with the contract to the new buyer/investor.

Hey, thanks a lot!! That sounds good!!

Fadi - thank you. :O)

Here is a link to a pdf file that can help.

WOW!! Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!!!