Estate Sale thro an Reo agent...How do I proceed?

Would I apply the same reo formular to determine the MAO.
Asking : $140K
ARV :$160K
Repair costs: $11K

MAO: 65% X $160K- $11K- Assinment fee $ 16 k = $77 k

Does this llok right…is there a diff way to handle estate listed by realtor?

It doesn’t matter whether the deal is an REO or a probate. The numbers should be the same either way.

It might help to network with some of the active buyers in the neighborhoods you are working and find out what type of deals they are looking for. That will give you a better idea of where your offers need to be.

Good luck,
Steph :cool

thank you…i keep hearing the same thing…build my buyer data base for a better feel of the need of investor’s. :smile