Esrow Forms - Does anyone have one they could send?


Does anyone have an escrow form they could send me? I need a form that instructs the title company how to disburse funds for my assignment fee as follows:

Purchase Price: $59K
Closing Costs: 6%
Earnest Deposit: $1K
Assignment Fee: $10K
Closing Date: July 9th
Inspection Date: June 28th
Bed/Bath: 4/2
Style: Rambler


  1. Once I get the whole buyer to pay the earnest deposit and pay my assignment fee would I need to schedule what time he should attend closing with the seller? What my involvement be at this point? Would I be done from that standpoint? Please explain

  2. My thought was to have the wholesale buyer attend closing first so he could fund the deal. Please explain if that’s correct?

  3. Would the form I give the title company include closing costs? I didn’t think it would because I’m not buying the property? What should be included on the form that I send to the title company with my assignment of contract - please explain?

  4. Can anyone send me a name of any title companies in MD, DC or VA that can close quickly ie 1-7 days?