Esquire magazine names 2010 Ford Taurus SHO "CAR OF THE YEAR"

I’m posting this as an update to anyone interested. I try an explain my thinking so it can be copied or repeated in the future by anyone so inclined.

Car companies are very interesting to me as investments because they are one of the FEW businesses that release their products to the media PRIOR to the public getting them. Sometimes up to a YEAR in advance. As a result… the MEDIA’s impression of these vehicles can end up selling a LOT of cars as they hit showrooms.

In 1992 I owned a large stake in Chrysler. That investment was based on EXACTLY the same criteria used for FORD today. A car company on the verge of a MASSIVE turnaround. To this day I will never forget opening my mailbox and reading the following headline on Road & Track.

“The Second Coming of Chrysler… The All New Dodge Intrepid Is A Home Run!!!”

The day this article came out Chrylser stock was at $17…Just over 1 year later, the stock would be at $60 and two years from then it would hit $168/share!!!

That articles description of the THEN new Dodge Intrepid lead to a MASSIVE increase in sales for Chrysler.

I watch the MEDIA daily for this stuff. Ford has been receiving GLOWING reviews for the new cars about to be released here.

This is how it starts…PAY ATTENTION!!!

Ezra Dyer wrote the article for Esquire…He is an award winning writer for Automobile Magazine. The beauty of the Esquire piece is it reaches NON MOTORHEADS!!!

For anyone keeping count…

We now have Ford out selling TOYOTA last month!!!

The New Fusin Hybrid gets HIGHER mileage and drives BETTER than the Camry hybrid. This is the automotive press opinion NOT just mine.

Ford Fiesta gets UNBELIEVABLE reviews from U.S. press as 100 European Fiestas are unleashed in NYC!

And 2010 Ford Taurus SHO gets car of the year!!

We’re getting there!!!

I hope it skyrockets for ford.I’ve been lookin @F250 deisels,I love them since they walked on the buyout,I mean bailout.

I personally dont believe I will ever buy a GM or Chrystler car in my whole entire life due to the (@&@( they are pulling right now. Ill either buy Ford or a foreign car.

I know several people around where I live have the same opinion too. I have to believe that everybody feeling this way isnt good for GM, and is good for Ford. Anybody else feel like this?

I’ve been a GM guy for years,but no more.Its the same with everyone else I talk to whether they care for the politics of it or not they know the govt screws up whatever they touch.I also am building a 50mercury and was gonna put chevy 350 in it,now I’m even debating myself with that.

1950 MERC!!!

Bama…DO NOT put a bow tie in that baby!!

Blue OVAL all the way!!! A nice small block 302 with GT40 heads sounds just right!!!

Or maybe The all new Ford Racing BOSS 351!!!

Thanks for the advice.I’ve chopped the top 5in,shaved the body,have a camaro suspension under it,its gonna be so bada$$.I’ll check into 302,I like the way those sound w/flowmasters,that throaty sound.I’m just wanting it to be highway worthy not a muscle car.I’ve had beefy motors in other stuff and there’s always an issue.Thanks for the intrest,I do love streetrods,its my only vice,oh well we all got a weakness right?

And that’s MY kind of weakness.

A small block Ford is REALLY easy to trick out, parts are cheap, tons of Ford Racing stuff out there.

Make sure you posts some pics when you get this baby finished!!!

will do,it’s a slow project that I peck at when I can.Maybe done next summer,I hope.

It’s a Taurus…someone may see me in it.