Eric Medemar's Course

Hey, I just wanted to say that I purchased Eric Medemar’s Wholesaling course and I LOVE IT. It’s good! I have purchased Steve Cooks wholesaling for quick cash for $300, I have purchased Than Merril’s course for $155.00 and Eric has everything you need to get started for about $50 bucks. He also has a lease option mini course in there as well. I don’t know if you will read this post or not Eric but thank you for making this course without all of the “guru” filler that plagues most courses, I’m ready to get started. My deepest thanks!!


Hey thanks for the kind words man you know that seems to be what I hear alot…“Thanks for a NO B.S course with no fillers”

When I put the course together I couldn’t do fillers if I tried. Here’s how doing my course went in a nutshell.

  1. “Wow every bit of material that I see isn’t what I would want to buy or is way to much money”…

  2. I had already made 6 figures wholesaling, coming from being so broke I was putting my value meals on layaway.

  3. Then I just wrote down and recorded everything I did to succeed. So there wasn’t any room for fillers…

  4. In a nutshell I can honestly say I only knew how to include what works because I was too stupid (or to smart) to talk in circles as so many others I’ve heard do.