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Once you locate the investor properties on HUD that have a contract pending you say wait a week or so and look up the owner info in the tax records and contact the investor.

Are we doing this by sending a postcard or what is the process? Reverse lookup?

How do you usually go about the contact?

It will take longer than a week, more like 1 to 1.5 months for closing and your local County Clerk to catch up. I use the Reverse look-up on anywho, searchbug, or intelious. A paid membership gets you better information and both anywho or searchbug end up forwarding you to intelious. Not sure if I spelled that right. Herbster

If this is something from Eric’s way of doing business/course, why don’t you ask him?

He’s a member here…send him an e-mail or a PM.


I think this might be from another post I did, i’m guessing

Find the HUD homes…From my experience HUD requires contracts be closed with 60 days of them signing the final p/a. I should add that the 3 HUD deals i’m working on right now didn’t get HUD’s final signature until 2-3 weeks after I put the contract in.

Once you’ve found them and tracked them then look them up on the Tax records or check the tax records once a week until they’ve been updated…If your county is slow with their updates then you may want to go directly to the registrar of deeds…

Then find out who bought the home…and either call them or send them a postcard with you info…

I would suggest going the calling route, but if your a hands off type of dude then send a post card with a good direct sales message that leads the person to call you or better yet visit your website.

Hope that clears things up.

how do you call them? There are no phone numbers listed in the tax records where I live Eric. Do you try using reverse search?

You can also drive by the house a few days after it closes. 9 times out of 10 their will be a rahab crew there, or a sign in the yard.

I’ve found several buyers by doing this.

Steph :cool

Thats a good tatic Steph!
I’ll try that.