Eric Medemar Course

Does anyone have that Eric Medemar course? I know he posts on here alot, but I am looking for input from folks that actually have purchased the Ultimate Wholesaling System. How does it compare to other courses you may have? Thanks.

I actually did a review on Eric’s Course in one of my Newsletters. This is my opinion of the course and this is what I wrote in my Newsletter. Hope it helps:

Hey Everyone,

These two courses were carefully selected by yours truly to assist Newbies & Seasoned Investors in taking advantage of Today’s Market!

I’m sure you’ve heard of a Real Estate Investor by the name of Eric Medemar, right?

Well, if you haven’t then that’s ok… Eric Medemar is a Real Estate Investor/Realtor out of Grand Rapids, MI. He currenlty owns well over 30 properties and has helped many individuals invest in Real Estate. Even to this day, you can find Eric coaching and helping others in the ever popular Real Estate investing discussion forum…

Not only that, Eric is the Author of the Ultimate Investor System. This system contains two easy to read and understand courses, that take you back to the fundamentals of Real Estate Investing and introduces you to Advanced techniques and strategies that can be used in Today’s market of Wholesaling and Bird Dogging! Plus, it won’t cost you an arm & a leg!

When I personally read these courses, I was relieved to find how easy it was to understand and the entire time I was reading, I felt like the Author was speaking to me and teaching me at the same time. That’s how in tune I was with this material. Not only that, I implemented some of Eric’s strategies and it put some cash in my pocket, which ultimately made the courses pay for itself.

That’s the key to all these books and courses out here. Knowledge and Implementation! I’m sick and tired of reading books that are all hype and not enough info. I’m sick of reading books that leave me saying…“Ok, Now What???” once I’m finished reading. I’m sick of books/courses that put me to sleep after reading it for about 2 minutes. (zzzzzzzzzzz)

Eric’s courses were a little different though. There aren’t too many courses out there that will keep my attention for hours. This is a true page turner. Not only that, it’s action oriented. Knowledge & Action puts money in your pocket. Ask anybody…

Like I said earlier, even though these courses don’t cost much, the true “Value” is unlimited. Even if they did cost a lot of money, the “Value” is still unlimited. With that said, it will ultimately be up to you to expose the value for what it’s worth and watch your credibility & bank account grow!

Hope that helped…

The Ultimate Wholesaling System is great. It’s very detailed and easy to learn. A few things he left out are the buyer and seller’s contracts that he said he would provide. I emailed him about it and haven’t heard from him yet. Over all, it’s worth the money.


I think Eric is an awesome guy…Oh wait, that’s me. Anyway I can tell you my return policy on my 93 day money back guarantee is about 3% which speaks volumes. I’ll leave it at that, so as not to spam the boards.

You can learn a ton from the forums and a ton from courses. I have bought both steve cooks course, vena jones course, and quite a few other non wholesaling courses…I think I even bought property managers landlord course and found it insightful.

The opportunity cost for not purchasing these courses far outweighs the purchase price every time.

Eric Medemar

Thanks for the helpful review J… :slight_smile:

Eric, Do you talk about actually finding buyers in your course? I know this is an old thread, but I had to ask. I saw you had some information in reiclub about finding buyers and I wanted to know if your courses go more into depth.


I do go into more info on finding buyers…

Here’s the thing…I am not some smancy pants “Guru”…I basically took everything that has allowed me to make alot of money wholesaling and wrote it and spoke it…That’s it.

There’s nothing that makes me crazier than guru’s who give you just enough info to know you need more info…Which then requires you to spend more money…I just give you everything I know right up front…That’s it.

No hidden agendas or upsells. Just what works.