Equity Sharing and Fed Regulations?

I want to pool money from three different sources to purchase an investment that I would live in for 2 years and then sell and split profits. I don’t think this is considered a “syndication” since I would be living there - but is it a syndication that is subject to compliance with securities laws?

Also, I would be a first time HO. But, I recently quit my PhD and have been working odd jobs to pay bills. So I have no income verification or W-2’s. However, when I move I will be employed and could prove my income. Would I be able to apply for an FHA 203b after 2 months? My wife is employed but I think the loan payments would be greater than 28% of her monthly income. We are moving to Phoenix so $200,000-$250,000 is not uncommon for a starter home that is not in a ghetto area. BTW my credit score is 765.


If by sources you mean people just pool the money into an LLC or such which will own the property and you sign a lease agreement with the LLC. Be sure to ink a member agreement that details ownership and profit sharing expectations. You are not creating a security or loan syndication.