Entertainment, Marketing, and other ways to make money on property

I want to buy another property but I do not want to rent to tenants. I want to know how do I let the entertainment motion picture industry know that they can use my space to film movies or tv shows? When doing this is it best to have the place furnshed or unfurnished?

Also how do I let companies know that they can put up signs or billboards on my building for advertising space?

Are there other ways to make money on property without renting to tenants?

You’re probably in the wrong forum for this topic. If I had to guess I’d say the motion picture industry is no different than any other renter for a home. They probably look for daily or weekly rentals on a place to do their filming and proobably find them on vrbo or flipkey.

At any rate, they should have a purchasing department. I’d drive over and talk to them.