Energy deregulation biz

What are your thoughts on the energy deregulation business? I saw a video where a girl asked Bill Gates what industry will create the next Bill Gates and his response was Energy deregulation business. I also remember Warren Buffet saying something similar. This is a topic where I would love to hear FDJAKE’s opinion on.

Thanks :smile

Energy deregulation by itself is a good thing.Deregulation offers viable solutions to the issue of energy security, and the introduction of renewable energy technologies besides giving consumers many options.

Since energy is something that we all need especially in our technology driven economies and the business requires huge capital outlay to invest in, meaning few people can venture into it.That makes it understandable why the likes of Bill Gates believe the energy business will create the future billionaires.

There is some kind of MLM business that sells deregulated energy. The name is Ignite.