End of Year Rent Receipt Form

I have multiple cd’s with real estate forms on them, but none of them have any kind of proof of rent to give to the tenant for their taxes. I have been just writing up a word doc letter, but I’d like something more professional.

Can anyone email me a proof of rent letter they send out to their tenants at the end of the year for their taxes?


Iron Range

I have been using my personally made form certificate of rent paid. Noone sent me a PM or responded, so I assume others don’t know the answer. Here is what one of my tenants found online. It is the form landlords need for certificate of rent paid.

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Tenants can claim rent on their taxes? I had no idea.

It’s a state thing, Rich. According to the link provided, MN has a special form to send to tenants. On the other hand, MA does not have any special kind of form required. People just claim the deducton on the state form.

I’ll have to see if something like that is available in CT. Thanks for the information.

There’s a $100 fine if a landlord in MN doesn’t send a certificate of rent to a tenant by January 31st. You would probably know by now if it was a requirement in your state (tenants would be calling you).

I thought it was a Federal requirement. I didn’t realize it was a state requirement until my tenant showed emailed me the link. I imagine the form is available on other states version of the link I posted.