End Lenders For "B" sells to "C" With No Seasoning.

[b]Successfully Closed Back-to-Back Closings
End Buyer’s Lenders List

Key Bank
Tower Federal Credit Union, Pennsylvania
Wells Fargo
Equity Home Mortgage
SunTrust Mortgage
Contour Mortgage Corp.
Countrywide Mortgage
First Interstate Financial
Third Federal
Home Savings
Chase Bank

Thanks for the list. I have closed with some of these lenders as well for our wholetail buyers on b to c transactions. First Interstate Financial…is that a local or regional back in the GREAT state of NJ? The reason I ask is I used to deal with an account rep their when I used to do mortgages a few years back.

Does anyone have more lenders to add to the list.

  • Local Credit Unions
  • Smaller Local Banks

how recent is this list?