End Hunger, End Poverty through real estate

Imagine a world free of poverty, free of famine, and a world where everybody has a home.

What if I told you that our group of real estate investors could do it?

On paper it is so simple.

In order to end poverty in the world you only need to help yourself and one other person.

Why havent we done it then?

We keep getting the combinations of people who help eachother wrong. Right now the rich help the rich, the middle class help eachother and the rich, and the poor are stuck at the bottom with the other poor laboring for the rich and middle class.

We may say we help the poor, but do we?

What if the rich started helping the middle class, and the middle class and the rich started teaching the poor to be rich or middle class? We would finally break the cycle through education.

Yes, there would still be poor people, but instead of living on the streets they would live in houses like mine or yours, and we would all be living in even nicer houses. Essentially we would bring everyone up a class.

Thats the interesting thing about money, man made it, so man can control it. For some reason we just don’t

Wouldnt it be great if this worked?

Eric Medemar


You REALLY need to read your Private Messages! And you probably shoud do that today!


It’s impossible for everyone to move up a class. There is only so much value in the world (measured in currency). If I give you $1 (a unit of currency), I have $1 less. The only way to make everyone live in a decent house is for the rich to spread their wealth to the poor until they all reach middle class. This is what results in a communist society. On paper communism is a great idea, in reality it goes against every natural tendency of mankind.

If you are interested in saving the world, there are places that need you far worse than America. If you get the chance, go to Africa, South/ Central America, Middle East, Southern Asia. These are places where the poorest people don’t even have dumpsters to eat out of. Wear body armor and bring some heavily armed guards with you because the warlords have the children so high on drugs they will have no second thoughts on killing you with their AK’s and RPG’s. If you end poverty, you must also end wealth.

You're a retard.
Thanks for your intelligent contributions Alex. Perhaps you'd care to elaborate since you have a whole 18 years of wisdom to share and absolute zero experience.

You’re sarcasm bedazzles me.

I love the idea. On the surface how doesn’t ending poverty and having everyone in a warm home sound like a good idea?

“Right now the rich help the rich, the middle class help eachother and the rich, and the poor are stuck at the bottom with the other poor laboring for the rich and middle class.”

The fact is, everyone can’t be rich, or even live above “poverty” without communism; and we know where that goes. If everyones rich, who’s going to handle the 200 million tons of trash all the fat people in this country dispose of every single day? Are you going to hop on the back of a garbage truck with your custom tailored business suit and loafers on?

What about fast food workers? America loves fast food obviously by the grotesque obesity rate in this country. There are plenty of people who have worked at McDonalds all their lives. You want to pay them the same as the guy down the street in silicon valley producing computer parts all day? You want to pay Bill Gates less?

You may start to talk about greed and say that the rich are greedy. Is being greedy always a bad thing? You need to ask that and think about it. In case your mind is too small to comprehend it, greed creates many many many many jobs for everyone else. You may say the Billionaires are greedy and they don’t give away enough of their money, but at the same time they’ve created a countless number of jobs for people. Bill Gates gives away plenty of his money, but on top of that think about how many jobs he has created. He practically brought computers to mainstream. How many jobs are there today dealing with computers? Exactly, he created all of those jobs essentially; and the same goes for the rest of the billionaires.

“What if the rich started helping the middle class, and the middle class and the rich started teaching the poor to be rich or middle class? We would finally break the cycle through education.”

You can’t just teach someone to be middle class or rich. I’m poor myself and I’m sure you’re sitting there with a few deals on your desk and a big fat bank account, brand new car, shiny toys. I live in a 900sq ft home with my mother and drive a peice of sh*t car, and it’s our only car. You’re saying yeah we can save the world from poverty by telling everyone how to do real estate deals, woo! Okay dude, okay.

And by the way in many areas I’m sure my “18 years of wisdom and no experience” is able to put yours to shame.

Apparently you are unable to read, which doesn’t surprise me. You are agreeing with me that it is impossible to end poverty without also ending wealth, better known as communism. For you to call anyone childish names reflects your immaturity and lack of respect. You will continue to live with your mother and drive your POS car until you decide to grow up.

Billionaires do create lots of jobs. But when they spend $150 Million on their private 747’s and another $150 Million on their private mega yachts, they are doing no good for the poorest people in the world. You, are not poor. You will most likely eat today. Maybe even drink some clean water. Whether you deserve it or not is questionable, but there are close to a billion people in the world who will not. This is out of a global population of 6.5 Billion, which is staggering to think 1 out of 6.5 are that poor. As I’m sure you’ve never been to any of these countries and have never interacted with these people, you would have no idea.

Your experience pertaining to high school lunches and geometry class, while impressive, have no relevance to the current topic. These facts render you completely useless in any meaningful conversation.

Good luck to you, you will need it!

Who are you or anyone else to say it’s wrong for someone to spend $150 million on a private jet? I’m not saying I agree with it but neither is it right for you to criticize them. I myself would still live middle class no matter how rich I was, and keep a fat bank account and help out others.

Our country is completely brain washed to put their emotions into materialistic goods. Everyone wants wants and wants more, and then they throw it away. America is home to “over-consumption,” there is no question about that. In the last 50 years, this country has used up more resources then the whole world before us.

Of course if I had the money, I’d be in Africa right now. I don’t get where you can criticize me for what I’ve said and get defensive about it; it makes you immature. Saying that real estate can help the 1 billion people in this world that won’t eat today is also ignorant, yet you’re getting defensive about it.

You tell me I’ll be broke until I grow up, but then you say I’m not poor compared to the rest of the people around the world. Are you going to tell all of those people in other countries that have to boil their sewage to get water to drink to “grow up” and “good luck you’ll need it?”

On top of all this the person who started this post is hypocritical.

This is from his “millionaires blog” website.


* Making money
* lifting weights
* and chillin with the wife and kid.

Favorite Books

* Rich dad poor dad
* just about any book that will make me money

So basically all you’re interested is making money, and I bet you spend more time “lifting weights” and “making money” then spending time with your family. Thats just a pitfall of America. Everyone wants to work work and work more to make more money to buy more and more things. Now you may be feeling some guilt about it so you decide to try to help others.

this is silly :slight_smile:

as every one has a place to be as well the right to change it if they want !!!

what iam saying is if you do not want to be poor then do something and you can this is the USA for gods sake !!! I f you want to be in a warm home and have clean water and good food do something to make it happen help your self to start with and help will find you !!!

as far as a rich person like it it wwould seam started this thread to help only him self it very self evedent and yes dannny it would seam he or she can not read. Help your self this is the USA and not africa and the like

Your getting your information confused. I do not believe RE will bring 1 Billion people out of extreme poverty. Personally I don’t think there will ever be an end to poverty, atleast in the foreseeable future.

I’m not critizing you, I’m saying name calling may of been cool to do in middle school, not in the real world. I’m not defending Eric in anyway, (Did you read my first post?) I am responding to your insensitive and ignorant comments. While you may be the most intelligent person you know, your philosophy on American culture and global politics are short sighted which is understandable given your age and lack of experience.

If your interested in helping out people in the poorest places in the world, you don’t need money, there are plenty of green camouflaged collars that need a body to fill.

You will need luck. You have an awful attitude, think you know everything and are very immature, Hell- Your half way to being a Marine!

I know I don’t know everything. Trust me if you met me I’m extremely humble and never say anything on any topic unless I’m asked about for my opinion, it’s just much easier online. Don’t doubt me though, I know what I’m doing. If I weren’t trying to finish up high school right now (which consumes 90% of my time) I would be getting into what is discussed here on these forums. Right now people always come to me with their problems because they know I know what I’m doing with many things. I don’t know how that ever came about because I don’t act like I know anything; I guess it’s just from demonstration.

I don’t doubt anything about you Alex. I’m sure your a very intelligent and thoughtful person. A little rough around the edges but we all were at some point. Your in a terrific position right now because you’ve immersed yourself into a group of professionals with years of knowledge to share. Any real estate question you have with a few exceptions will be answered in a matter of hours by people who have been there and done that a hundred times over. It’ll take you quite a bit of experience before you truly know what your doing but you’ve gotta start somewhere.