Encourage Newbie's

First of all, thanks to the creators of this forum. I became interested in investing in real estate some 30+ years ago after reading a book by Mark O. Harrelson (sic). I did not act on that interest as I thought it was too difficult being in the military and moving so often. BIG mistake. After retiring from the military, I settled in a mid-sized community and went to work for the local government. Last year I was “pushed” into what I always really wanted to do. As a result of my wife’s caregiving of a little old lady in our neighborhood, she gave us her home. It is now rented for $1100 per month. My brother also passed away and left me with a house on 4+ acres in a very rural area. I was again blessed by a young man that wanted to buy the place with owner financing. Sale price $51K, two year balloon on the remainder. I will be retiring from my second career in one year and do not want to become a rocking chair fixture. I am currently looking for another house or two to buy close to my home and hope to parlay this into my third career. Yes, I have been very blessed but I look back and see how much MORE I could have been blessed, if I had only taken that first step so many years ago. For all you thinking about starting to invest in real estate, this site is LOADED with information - learn it! The wise man learns from others mistakes. Then go get 'em! Disclaimer: This endorsement was totally unsolicited.

It’s never to late to get started and you sound plenty smart to do great in this business. Just find those motivated sellers and you will be golden. One word of advice that is my number one rule… Don’t be a motivated buyer, stick to your numbers and you will be fine.

Triple-G, don’t waste time looking back and what could have been. Instead, look ahead at what can be and you’ll do just fine. Good luck.

One of my best investors started buying real estate at 89 years of age.

He bought several multi-family buildings and after a few years he purchased his own house. He is in his mid 90s now and still going strong.

The present is already old news, think only about the future. Life is like a chapter book - at different times we do different things for different reasons. No regrets.
Sorry, is this forum about real estate or life coaching? :biggrin

Keep doing what you are doing you are very blessed sounds like the big guy upstairs is telling you something! Luckily now still is the best time to get started investing. I took advantage of this market and quite frankly it has made me rich because of all the opportunity available. I am a rare investor because I focus on the intangibles of real estate like mindset and awareness be sure to grab you FREE reports and videos they are stuffed with real content you can use now that I learned the hard way as a broke 24 year old living in my parents basement. God Bless!

It’s never too late to start doing what you want to do. start looking for pre-foreclosed properties. Or might as well purchase properties that are auctioned. If you are not so confident with your knowledge in RE business you can look for a coach that will help you get started. Good Luck!!

Just an update on my situation. The little old lady that gave us her house passed away about a month after my initial post and we have been dealing with her estate - pretty complicated family situation. When we went to the bank to notify them of her death, they said, “Oh, that account is POD to you.” Imagine our shock at being blessed, again, with over $200,000! Recently I ran into a fellow who like me is retired from the military. When I asked him how he passes his day, he said “I invest in real estate.” My next question, “How many houses do you own?” “About 40 locally and around 140 out west that my son manages for me”. :shocked GULP! I am looking forward to retiring in 142 days and hooking up with this new found friend again. Then I plan on dedicating myself to my next career, in real estate investing. My dream now is to have at least one rental property fully paid for to pass along to each of my three daughters and their families when I die. I think that would be a great inheritance. Bless you all and thank you for your words of encouragement.