Eminent Domain

Hi all…
My associate currently has a buyer interested in a piece of property that butts up to airport property on 2 sides and city has one side and the 4th is private. Question …should the buyer be concerned about losing the property or parts of it in the future to Eminent Domain. Currently property is being used for agricultural use, if the buyer loses the property in the future to eminent domain, would the city have to pay agricultural value of 24K or market value of 270k+ if buyer changes the use of land???
Thinking for the buyers best interest, these questions must be addressed.
What say you???

Hi all!

I’m new here- old buddy of carolann’s, and happy to have the benefits of such an extensive site! Wow, I expect info-overload to descend on me soon :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a question to add to the original post- I found in my research this morning that this property is under a “will deed”. Does anyone know what that is? I have never heard of a will deed.

Thanks for any help yall can provide!

Okay,…maybe we’re in the wrong forum here.
Does anyone have a clue concerning Eminent Domain??? ???
Please respond!

I’m not sure if this will help, or if it’s the right place to ask, but maybe try asking in the “Asset Protection, Legal” forum. Maybe you might get a better answer.

Is there anyway to trasnfer this to the right forum instead of starting all over?

Howdy Carolann:

I had a friend that did nothing but appraisals for situations just like yours all over Texas when the property is being taken for public good. The City? will try to get it cheap like it was appraised on Jan 1 of the current tax year. One it is rezoned it will have a higher and better use and thus a higher value. These type disputes can be handled many ways. Your buyer will need to be prepared to hire an appraiser and even an attorney to represent them in legal hearings and even court. If they can hold it long enough and get the value increased by the county appraisal office for the new year of 07 they will have a better chance of getting a higher price if the land is taken.