EMC Mortgage Discount vs. Short Sale

I have read there is a difference between a mortgage discount and a short sale. It seems a discount request only requires information from the buyer, and a short sale requires documentation from the buyer and seller (financial statement, tax returns, bank statements, etc.) It would be much easier to go the discount route so as not to need info from seller. Does anyone know if EMC discounts in this fashion?

EMC does offer mortgage discounts (for those that does not know what this means, it’s an offer to purchase the note at a discount from the mortgage servicer). Just a little FYI, mortgage discounts, or “Loan Sales” as most servicers call them are even more difficult to obtain, and have even more red tape to get approved. If you can do a shortsale, do it.

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Thanks! Is EMC one of the easier or more difficult to deal with?

This all depends on you. Any mortgage company can be easy to deal with if you know how to deal with them. I’m working on a shortsale right now with ASC, and hit a roadblock. I contacted the masterservicing department at Wells Fargo who is the parent company of ASC (America’s Servicing Company) and found a contact that put me in touch with a supervisor in ASC’s loss mit department. Now I’m back in control.