email, on-line form, to create good customer contact list questions.


Can anyone recommend a good program to create customer contact lists?

I have a Yahoo hosted web site “" and there are customer forms on the site. I am trying to figure a way to pull information from the forms so I can create a contact list based on criteria from the forms. In short I want to be able to create a wish list for clients so that when a property becomes available that fits their criteria I can easily email theminstead of opening each form and pulling the information. I don’t believe adding folders based on search words will work because there are numerous choices for criteria.

For example if a property became available the fits the following 3 criteria,

  1. 3 bedrooms
  2. 2 baths
  3. in ABC town

I would want to be able to auto-categorize and send an email notifying the availability of the property to the customer that indicated all the criteria but also have the choice to select and send an e-mail to the customer that only indicated 2 or even 1 of the criteria.

Also I wouldn’t want to eliminate the customer who specified more than one criterion for each category. For instance, based on the above criteria, I would still want the ability to auto-place into the category and e-mail the customer below.

  1. 3 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms
  2. Any number of baths
  3. In ABC town or DEF town or all areas.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

I would check on the database program called “filemaker Pro”
You can set up each field to be imported the same way each time.
I am not sure what your website has for an export feature but in short you just need a database program that can import the same type of file that is used by your website company.
I hope this helps.

Yes, you need to store the form data into a database. You can either learn to do it yourself or hire a local computer science student to do it for you. You can usually hire students pretty cheap and flat rate.