Email Campaign for Lease Options Help


I’m trying to get sellers that will consider doing a lease option deal with me.

I hear some say don’t mention right away to the seller…“would you consider doing a lease option?” or use terms the average seller does not understand.

Others say use a direct approach…“would you consider doing a lease option?”

What is a good approach to FSBO sellers for an email campaign? What would be a good email campaign to see if the seller is motivated to consider doing a lease option terms deal with you? What would I say to them?


Direct is always best. If they’re not interested you haven’t wasted any time.

I’ve heard different theories on this too. Some books teach it one way and others another.

One thing to keep in mind though is that the average person doesn’t understand exactly what a lease option is, and different people do it different ways. So rather than just calling it a lease option, you could instead explain how the process works and what it would mean for them.

Express the offers in simple terms.

I like to say something along the line of, "Would you consider a long term lease, if I gave you your price, when the lease expired?

This is easy to understand. If the seller says, “Yes,” or asks, “How long of lease,” then we’re off to the races.

Here’s what my VA sends out:

I saw your listing and it looks like this would be be a great fit for Leasing to Buy.
I’d like to send you some information on our company and how we can help you get top dollar with no hassle and no commissions to us.

Feel free to e-mail or call me and I’d be happy to put some preliminary figures together for you as well.

John Jackson
A+ Rating with the BBB since 2004

Lots of great information from all here!

I was wondering what about asking the seller… "How soon do you need to close? "Would you consider renting it out if you can’t sell it?

Maybe this would determine their motivation and see if they are flexible on selling. Any thoughts?


well…I find that you have to take all the great info on any forum and then tweak it to what works for you.
“How soon do you need to close?”…well…the answer to that is the same as “how soon do you need to win the lottery?”
If you want to know where a seller stands, it normally does not come down to one question that they will truthfully answer via e-mail…
Looks at the sample e-mail my VA sends out…
Use that as a guide…
Then adjust from there…
You can also ask something like… “My associates LOVE your house! If you need a cash close next week we may not be the best answer, but if you are wiling to take a full price offer we may be able to wrap this up quickly.”

You may also reconsider the email campaign. I find that it is much easier for people to say no (or ignore you) over email as opposed to getting them on the phone.

I normally just use direct mail, as I loathe the thought of cold calling, but started testing the craigslist scrapers I had developed for my peeps so I have my VA sending out some e-mails.