Elevator speech

Do any of you guys have an “elevator speech” memorized for any time someone ask you what you do? Ive been trying to create one but i feel i need something more. Any ideas would be appreciated!

There are five components to your elevator speech.

  1. Always state your name

  2. Your telephone number

  3. What it is that you do. ( I am a real estate Investor)

  4. Who you can help. ( I help people who need to sell a house because of foreclosure, divorce, probate, unwanted houses, bad tenants, houses with a lot of repairs needed. Ect.

  5. How you can help. (I can help fast, most of the time in as soon as 10 days and what is cool about my program is that the seller can stay in the house as long as they need to with the peace of mind knowing it is sold and not only sold but sold to someone who can afford to buy it)

Depending on the person you may want to ask teh following

Ask them if they are thinking of selling or buying a house.

Always ask them if they know anyone who has a house for sale or is wanting to buy a house.

Close with handing them a business card and repeating your name with telephone number.

If they hand you a business card make certain that you put it in your database to prospect to.

Good Luck

I find the best way to connect with people to give you referrals is if you tell them that you help homeowners sell their properties ASAP.

If you tell people that you help homeowners sell ASAP or help give homeowners solutions to problem properties vs telling them you buy houses cash and at discounts the former will give you a lot more referrals than the latter.

I wonder if getting bandit signs made with “We help distressed Homeowners” would provide more/better results
maybe find a simpler/shorter word than distressed.

Maybe you can kill two birds with one stone and post the bandit signs IN the elevator!



Guys I didnt hear anyone talk about offering something in return
for being able to help someone out asap, you can really get people
engauged when you tell them just by telling you about a distressed
house you will do everything else and pay them $X if you buy it.

Offer complete strangers $$$ in return for their help in helping others
out of situations.

got to love how people avoid the question all together and provide unrelated answers…

I use a format taught by Barney Zick

You know how…
Well what I do is…

I usually swag it depending on who I am talking to since there is no single template that may fit everyone, but something I can use real quick would be

You know how some people can’t sell their house because of its condition, or may need to sell fast because of bills, moving, or medical issues?
Well, what I do is buy the house from them same day if needed, make the payments on it and wait for the right buyer. If it needs fixing, I do all the work. I sometimes even pay all the fees to help them out.

Fadi… What is up in life sir?

An elevator speech is one that you can say over and over again and most certainly you should be able to modify it to fit the pospect… Problem is that most investors don’t know how to say to people what it is they do. Mainly because they don’t believe they are investors in the first place…

Heck I get on stage and ask people in the audience if they have business cards and most give me one for their day job…

So first rule…

Believe in yourself… And repeat after me… I am an Investor…

Good Luck

Hello Michael :slight_smile:
oh I’ve been very busy with my family (parents and sisters) moving here from back home, and making a business plan to open a restaurant for my sister and brother in law… I’ve slowed down my investing for now and just finishing up a rehab. Once I sell it, I will go back to buying.

Many investors do not know how to describe their business and do not have a USP or can think of one.