electronic key lock boxes

Does any one know where to get these electronic lock boxes IF you are not a realtor.

Home Depot! or my favorite EBAY!!

If Ebay don’t have it you don’t need it!! LOL

local locksmith. I use the mechanical pushbutton type, rather than electronic, where the cover comes off to get access to the key -just because it’s cheaper if someone makes away with it.

I even have one hardmounted on my residence for an emergency key. Much better than putting it under the flower pot.

the company that makes the ones used in the dfw area is Supra. You also have to have the key card and it must be programmed to open your lock box. It probably would not be very economical, the punch codes as suggested by others is a more reasonable approach.

I am more intrested in electronic one because it usuall keep track of the agents that opens it up. Push buttons or combination ones are no use to me because if the code is given out then any stranger without appointment can come inside… I have seen this happened before.
I went to Home Depot but could find the electronic one…BTW, do I need to get some sort of service from SUPRA???


here is link to GE/Supra website. I have never known individuals to set up service i.e. other than through their local Realtor Association. I would imagine it would be an expensive endeavor.

I currently purchased a house from Sheriff’s Sale. When I closed on the house, I discovered there was a lockbox on the door, and no one, including the lender’s attorney, had the combination for the box. I had to break into the house that I owned and change the locks.
Does anyone know if a locksmith could change the combination or should I just through the box away? Seems like a waste to do that.