Electrical meter box cover

I have a place that is missing an electrical meter box cover, and it currently has a makeshift one made of cold rolled steel (sheet metal) in lieu of the original. It is screwed on, properly covers the meter and locks in place like any cover — but it’s definitely not good looking and is probably not up to code. This electrical meter box is probably 25 years old and measures about 8.5 x 10". Home Depot has nothing like that in stock.

Do you guys know where I could get something like that online? Or elsewhere?

I am in Dallas. Thanks

Ebay with a search of milbank enclosure or milbank meter socket. It’s probaby like a type 3R enclosure right? if so I got a spare cover I will sell you. PM me the dimensions and I’ll look and see if I have one that fits.

I just had the exact problem. Well except my cover was stolen. I needed the cover right away, so I bought a brand new box from local electrical supply store to the tune of 175 bucks, but bought a similar box with the same cover off of ebay for about 40 dollars, took that cover and put on my 175 dollar box and returned it, meanwhile I had power (power co. won’t hook it up without the cover)

On another note, (not to steal your thread sorry) but I have a constant problem of people hacking my meter enclosures up to steal the meter, you can get free electrical power with stolen meters around here and all the shi%$theads know it. The problem I have, they cut up what is called the hasp or seal down that the bottem where the clips go. My power co. won’t hook up another meter until this is replaced. They have to have a place to put that stupid wire clip. Well new enclosures are VERY expensive(like 175 bucks). But a little known secret is they make replacement seal hasps. They are VERY hard to find but here is a link where you can order them. If your a landlord with low income rentals, this can save you big bucks. IF you call them they will try to tell you they can’t sell because you aren’t a utility co., but just ask to speak with a manager and be real nice.


I know a few power companys that will come put on a lock on the meter for FREE! But they won’t even mention it unless you ask.

Wow - $175? Home Depot has them for $29, in 100, 200 or 300 amp enclosures.

The good news is — the problem is resolved.

One of my contractors miraculously came up with one and gave it to me for FREE. I gave him $20 for it anyway as that was a big pain in my butt (the electrical company wound up NOT liking the rigged existing cover, though initially they were fine with it).