Electric Stove Problems......

My biggest Pain in the AS## has been the mexicans putting huge pots on my electric free standing stoves and burning up the elements. You get pitting on the two prongs that stick in the receptive under the stove top. I have had one mobile home go through 3 stoves in a year. I get my stoves off of craigslist for 25-50 a piece, but still mad. A single new element at lowes costs at least 15 dollars up to 30 bucks for a big one.

I’ve been dremel tooling down the pitting and yanking off the receptives at the dump off spare stoves, but I am trying to figure out an idea to “mexican proof” these stoves.

Any ideas??

Give them gas stoves.

I don’t own a single property that has gas, except my own house. So can’t do that.

How big are these huge pots? What do they put in these huge pots?

Bluemoon, the pots are about the size of a pressure canner. What I’ve seen cooked in them is tough cuts of meat. The pot might be full of pork necks cooked with chilis, or the pot might be full of beans. That’s even for a small family, so I think that a whole weeks worth is cooked at one time.

I use that size pot to cook dog food. It hasn’t damaged my electric stove, but I don’t do it daily.

The ceramic topped stoves say to not use canners, but I was unaware that they would damage an old fashioned electric cooktop.

Suggestions? Switch to propane. Give the cook an over-sized crock pot as a gift and explain how much they will save on the electric bill. Ask them to use a turkey roaster and bake whatever it is they are boiling on top of the stove.

Are they burning out new elements or only the old worn ones on the used stoves? The elements don’t last forever and you are installing used ones.