...Electric or Gas HVAC on Flip?

…HVAC needs to be replaced on $150k (market value) flip. Which do you recommend (gas or electric) and why? Pros & cons?

…old one was gas, so gas lines are in place, but one contractor suggested installing an electric unit and his estimate was $1,000 less than one and $4,000 less than another.

…don’t know which way to go. Pleae advise. Thanks.

If the gas lines are there why would you change it? So the contractor has more work to do?

With the high cost of natural gas, people in our area are asking for electric heat, or better yet an all-electric house. In fact, it’s harder to rent properties here if they have gas heat.

Good Luck,


…thanks for the feedback.

…Jared - actually the guy who suggested electric was quite a bit less than the others; and said he could do gas also, but that it would be more expensive (and not necessarily better for the buyer). So that is what I’m asking. Is that indeed teh case?

…propertymanager - yeah, I thought as well. But they don’t mind a larger electric bill (since everything is electric)? It makes sense, easier to manage just one account (bill) and if it’s cheaper than it’s a no brainer (but they could get stuck if everything is electric and prices go way up.) I guess it is always “six one, half dozen the other.”

…I could talk around it all day (just make a decision). But just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something I was missing or not seeing. Thanks.