Electric Meter Gone?!?

A house that I am looking at purchasing for rental purposes has the electric meter missing. The box and supply line is there; however the meter itself is gone. Is this something the local utility company will install or is it the owners responsibility? If it would be the owners anyone run into this senario??


I ran into this same thing in a townhouse I purchased in 2005 that had been vacant for about 1 year. In my area, if the electric has been off for several months, the electric company will remove the meter. The electric company replaced it once I passed an electrical inspection from the township.


When I was working in Dallas, people would steal them and just rig them up in their own place. Once you get a new one in and you are worried it might get stolen, ask the electric company to put a lock on it.

Those things are like gold in the low income areas in raleigh. Free power until your caught.