Effective Online and Offline Marketing technique?

Hello Friends,

What are some of the effective Online and Offline Marketing technique for a real estate website?

Which techniques can help me to increase the number of leads?

For Offline, you should more focus on the content especially creating a blog and updating it on a regular basis, as far as online concern, there are different resources to work on, like social media activities, link building and paid ads of course.

Hi Jennifer,

Tough question. With everything I do online with marketing I try and put meaningful numbers around it. It’s not always easy to do but I like to try and understand what my ROI is. From a $ and time standpoint.

For example, an offline activity like mailers might work great, but only if you get leads and ask how they heard about you. You could always set up a special number on the mailer and track numbers that way. But what a pain.

Another idea for merging offline and online marketing tactics is having a website landing page with a dedicated URL for your mailer campaigns.

If you don’t have a website, get one yesterday, it builds credibility and can be used to drop people off on for more information. You could create a website with a page specifically for people who are getting your mailers. Install Google Analytics and boom you can see where they are coming from, how long they are on your site, how many pages they view, and if they converted into a lead or not.

So my recommendation is find offline and online activities that you can merge together and then use data to decide if it makes sense.

If you search for “inbound marketing” you will get some ideas, probably find some hubspot articles

Hi Jennifer,

I agree with nationwide about the content, utilizing a blog and publishing it 2-3 times per week to start.
Discussing common problems for real estate investors and how you or others have overcome them.
You can work with other real estate investors to push your content out to their websites and newsletters.

He/She has also got it right with the social media. Pushing your blogs and your properties out to social
sites like facebook and linkedin can help with traffic and visibility.

To get your rank up on your website, having meaningful back-links is very important. If you can get the
sites to which you are pushing your blog out, to link back to your website; this will increase traffic and visibility too.

Getting Seller Leads:
Having several sites which target multiple distressed seller types:
ie. Tired Landlords, Homeowners going through divorce, people facing foreclosure or bankruptcy…
You funnel the contact forms into your email (Or more preferably, your virtual assistant’s email)

Selling your equitable interest or properties:
If you are getting leads to buy, and you are trying to sell your properties, try to API with an online property listing website like; trulia, zillow, or zinksy.
An API should allow you to have a piece of code on your website which will automatically push your properties and info out to the listing web platform
Any time you add, edit, or delete your property it should change on the other site.

If you can’t get an API on your website, you can always post manually (Or have your V.A. post for you)

Let us know what you end up doing and how it’s worked for you.

The classified ad posting is one of the effective ways to increase leads. It will help to reach lots of potential customers.

link building is really congested now, you need too much care before building links for your website

HI JenniferKelly,

Content marketing has ended up significantly more unmistakable,Utilized content to disseminate data about a brand and build a brand’s reputation. Content really is king, so wherever possible you have to tailor your content to your target market. Consumers are bombarded by information and data so have created approaches to quickly filter out. Content marketing will become more important than all other mediums.


First step is getting a marketing plan together.

It could include:

  1. Networking, networking, networking (Offline+Online)
  2. Bandit signs x10 (Offline)
  3. Outreach to potential buyers and sellers on MLS, Classified ads sites such as craigslist (Online, we help companies with this)
  4. Social media, but regular update, offers, lead magnets etc (Online, we help companies with this)
  5. Find people in related niches such as “Moving companies” in your area’s that would often get in contact with potential leads - Make sure you either sent leads back their way or financially reward them for good leads. (Offline+Online, we help companies with this)
  6. Content creation, such as video’s, audio, images and text/blogs, articles - This can be on your site + get shared on social media and the likes. (Online, we help companies with this)

There’s a few suggestions at least, happy to discuss further if something isnt clear.

The most effective offline marketing hands down, is Direct Mail marketing. There are several CRM systems on the market that incorporate direct mail marketing that makes it so convenient. Choose from several marketing materials such as yellow letters, post cards, flyers to name a few. While direct mail marketing is an effective offline method, nothing beats networking with fellow investors and building partnerships. In this business, that is crucial. Hope this helps. Cheers! :beer

There are some good suggestions here. Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about SEO stuff initially (blog, content, etc.). It works, but it’s more of a long term strategy. If you’re just starting out and need leads now, then you should focus most of your attention on things that get fast results.

Much depends on your budget, but even if you have some to invest, it can be a good idea to start off with free or low-cost methods to get some practice. For example, Craigslist, business cards, flyers, bandit signs, etc. If you can afford to do direct mail, some people get good results with that. If you want to tap into online stuff, the quickest thing would be to use things like Google Adwords and Facebook. Just watch your budget closely to monitor how much you’re spending. You’ll need a website for online advertising.

I like to think about it this way:

  1. Who are the people that are my ideal prospects
  2. Where do they go every day and what do they do?
  3. How can I get my message in those places so they will see it?

Get creative. Find ways to get your message in front of people and get their attention.

Email marketing and Facebook marketing worked out for me. Have you tried those techniques yet?

Social Media,Email Marketing,Blogs are best online marketing techniques

Do some SEO on your website. Make sure you focus on LOCAL SEO.

You can create real estate blogs and share on your social media pages. But make sure don’t write promotional content, you can post on topics like local real estate businesses, common FAQs regarding home selling/renting. You can also give tips to educate people about real estate.

Blogging is a good way to provide exposure to your services. Do not forget to use backlinks.

Online marketing techniques can be very effective for Real estate.Start blogging.Keep your focus around a locality you know about.Lear basics of SEO and start posting articles and information about your locality and promote it in social media and other sites and gain readers and followers.It is a slow process but once you have gained some authority, you will start to see the results.

While you all speak of tactics to address lead gen, no one really is addressing the importance of INSIGHT into the content you are publishing.

Mostly everyone is doing the same sort of tactics, saying the same thing.

Address the questions, that people are really asking. Show why you are the Authority / Expert in your niche that you deserve to get their business


You can use SEO techniques like social bookmarking,image posting,link building ,blogging,social media advertising etc

Thanks for sharing. Its true that offline marketing is not dead yet, but is it as efficient as online marketing? What would you say?