Effective Asset & Property Management

I am a dutch commercial real estate portfolio manager and we are growing fast with our fund, hence we need to find a effective and affordable solution for our asset & property management tasks.

We own multiple properties in Middle Europe, which we on average need to exploitate for two to three years before selling.

I am looking for a suitable software package to support our local managers and me for performing the asset & property management (lease management, maintenance etc., but also on tasks on portfoliomanagement level (track local trends and control financials).

I did some studying on the internet, but it really confusing, because of the shear of different software packages. For example Asseteye is very nice but also very expensive (yet).

I need something:

  • flexible (it should be able to grow with us)
  • (relatively) easy to use, but with enough capabilities (good reporting is important)
  • suitable for different countries (english, maybe different valutas)
  • ASP based (so that we use the same database)
  • Not expensive (approx. 5 users at first)

Please advice

Thanks beforehand