I want to become a commercial real estate agent but im confused on the education i need. Does it make a difference if i do a major in real estate that takes 2 years over taking classes at some school that takes 4 weeks and then i get my license?

Major in real estate? What are u supposed to learn there?

Just take the classes as some school and get your license.

It will vary slightly by state but most states expect you to take about a 60 hour class and pass a state test to become a real estate agent. Thes classes are mainly about the law and give you very little usefull sales training or practical knowledge.

A college class on real estate may be usefull but there is probably better training. CCIM training for example is excellent. You probable shoud associate yourself with a broker that does commercial real estate and learn from others in the brokerage.

Are you a agent yourself and have you taken CCIM classes?

Yes I am an agent. I have taken some of the CCIM classes and I can tell you they are excellent. Their intro class I think is two days. They also have four week long classes. Search on Google, their website talks about the various classes.

I have also taken all kinds of classes and seminars aimed at real estate investors. Dave Lindahl and Scott Scheel both offer this type of boot camp and both are very good. I would give a little nod to Scott Scheel as being a little better.

The CCIM stuff is a little more professional and much more in detail especially in regard to number and financial analysis. Lindahl and Scheel are a little more Rah Rah get rich quick.