educating the seller on SLO's

hey gang. i’m looking for some information on how you guys explain the SLO and perhaps some FAQ’s that you address and provide answers to.

anyone have this type of information available?

thanks in advance

I wonder why you need to educate the seller. Aren’t you the “master” renter in a sandwich lease option? As such, your lease agreement with the seller should give you the right to sublet

As long as you are guaranteeing the rent each month until you decide to exercise your option to purchase, why does the seller need to know what you plan to do with the property?

I suppose, if you are giving the seller the right to approve your subtenant, or, if you are planning to assign your tenant’a lease opton agreement to the seller, you would need to explain the mechanics of a SLO. Otherwise, why risk confusing the seller and having the seller say no?

Just asking for my own edification.

well because the way i’ve been moving towards is telling the seller up front that i’m an investor and this is for investment etc. i figure if it’s up front, it won’t be an issue later. i understand it isn’t a big deal, but if there’s any issues or concerns, i’d like to address them ahead of time.


Also since you want to get tenants through the house to look at the property, youd have to tell the seller what you are doing. Cause they will wonder why your bringing tenants through the house when your supposed to be getting the lease