Ed Beckley's House

Im getting emails from Ed Beckley wanting to sell his latest books, since their only $27 I was trying to order them. The link keeps coming up sayng error and page not found. I called the 800 number to order and the caller seemed confused and asking whats the name of the book? I cud hear her flipping thru pages and after a few minutes I hung up. Ed has an address listed as 4124 Hibiscus Rd Venice FL 34293 I was curious so I google mappped it. The street view shows a modest 2 story home I wud estimate at around 200K sitting on a gravel road a 1/4 mile from the ocean. the space between his house and the ocean is thick jungle growth and I cud see a path going to the water and it didnt look like much of a beach. The neighbor houses looked even more modest. It sure doesnt look like a home or an area a millionair would be living in. Its not a bad lifestyle but what the heck, is he just another fake guru?

Toll free numbers go to big call centers that hawk hundreds and thousands of products. The incoming caller ID is supposed to key the “Operator standing by” which product but they pay minimum wage to work in a big boiler room…you get what you pay for…