Ebay scam

There’s a guy that is burning CD’s off of the internet right from the Real Estate web sites. Unfortunately, my husband bid on one, and fortunately we only paid $11.
It’s just the E-book stuff that you can get for free. So be aware when shopping on Ebay for any Real Estate books or CD’s.

Cheryl :-[

Well, I would not call something a scam because it has info that you can get for free. It might, in your eyes, be a bad deal but that is not the definition of the word scam.

Look at any information product IE Carlton Sheets. All his info can be had for free…if you know where to look.

Of course, if the guy is stealing material under copyright, that is another story.

To another person, the CD might be very informative because they are not as knowledgeable as you are.

The reason I think its a scam…is because he said on Ebay that he had purchased this CD from one of the Real Estate gurus… David Whitnell (I think thats his name), but this is definately not something he purchased, because you can get it free on a website.

So I guess that just makes him a liar. 8)

Actually, even if he is selling “FREE” material he is still committing a crime, because the information is no doubt protected by copyright laws, which make it a crime to take other people’s information and profit from it without getting written permission.

ah, misleading is a no no.

As to free info, it may be under copyright or may be free use. All depends.

Still, misleading is wrong.

I don’t buy info products from Ebay. Most tend to be bogus.

I once bought a CD on woodworking products for $10. I got the CD and it was just a link list lol. Still, I did not know these links and they did have tons of projects.

Caveat Emptor