Easy to Remember Phone Numbers

How important do you think it is to have an easy to remember phone number in “We buy Houses” flyers?

I reserved a local number ending in “SELL” to use on the flyer…do you think having such a number for disgruntled property owners to call would raise the success of the flyer because the number is easier to remember, for reasons being, word of mouth marketing, lost flyers, etc.?

I asked an investor what his 800 number was the other day and he had to look at his business card… I then asked him what mine was and he was able to say 1-877-877-1010

You tell me how important it is…

Here in San Antonio, if I need to order a taxi, i automatically pick up the phone and dial 222-2222. Thats the phone number of yellow cap. I only saw it once, and I remembered it since then. I must have an amazing memory :slight_smile:

I took Michael’s advice when I was starting out regarding Vanity numbers… mine is 543-2000… I don’t market enough to make it memorable, but close enough…