Easy to Find sellers, Hard to Find Buyers

What is everyones marketing secret to finding Buyers, in this type of market. I find that I can find all the houses I would want to deal with, but finding a buyer to either wholesale, or semi-retail to is a different story.

I know everyone likes the newspaper. Does anyone use internet marketing with success?? I have a large list of ‘buyers’, but not getting bites, let along inquiries…

I’m hoping to find a few successful investors out there to share their ‘selling’ marketing strategies.

-clayton :help

It’s definitely tougher. Investors in my area are starting to offer lease-options or seller financing to attract more buyers. It’s definitely a longer term strategy, but something that seems to be working.

I am offering owner financing, but will start doing cash outs because I cannot find people with enough down payments. A broker/investor i know also called me to check how my market was, he is having the same issues.

What I am doing now is advertise owner financing, and get applications from my interested buyers. I don’t care about how much down payment they have, I send the application to my mortgage broker and she process them for me. If any can get financing right away, they get the house. If can’t get financing now but has good enough down payment, I owner finance it.

I don’t know your market, but what is so easy about finding sellers?

Also what market are you investing?