Easiest Way to Get Started?

Hi, I’m looking for a way to get started investing in real estate that I can sort of ease into without too much risk. In your opinion, what is the best way to do so? Rehabs, foreclosure, flipping, etc? Also, I live in an area where there are a ton of foreclosures going on because of layoffs but foreclosures seem so involoved. Please help!

Im new at this all to, but from reading through these forums, it’s my understanding that wholesaling is the easiest, least risk way to start, just make sure you have a well written contract to protect yourself, and make sure its assignable…

Basically when you wholesale houses, you get a house under a purchase contract or an option contract, put up a small earnest $, and then assign your contract to your investor, If you haven’t built up a buyers list yet, I would recommend doing that BEFORE you look for properties, also I would suggest speaking with an attorney that understands creative real estate deals and let him write you up a contract.

Thanks, I have an investment club that I am in contact with and they said to send any deals there way and they’d take a look. I will continue to read the forums and see what I can learn! :slight_smile: