Easiest way to find UNLISTED Home Phone # ?

The search engines I used suggested that the owner has an unlisted home phone number. :banghead

Is there an affordable (cheap) way to get it?
Please advise, it’s an out-of-state owner of the abandoned property. I sent them a letter, received no response, want to be proactive and call them up.

Search and try and find a relative of the owner and try and talk to them. Im currently in the same situation but the relative never picks up the phone. :frowning:

You already know this, but you might have to send several letter/postcard to get a response. Just typical sales strategy.

Not sure if I saw in on this site or elsewhere…throw some hard candy in the envelope. Makes it non-flat and increases the odds of it getting opened.

Another thing. Add a piece of cardboard to the envelope (8x10) and write large on the outside “Picture of your XX state house enclosed”
Inside put:
A picture of the house, a picture of a check. Ask him to call you to fill in the check amount. Tell him BOTH are accurate pictures of his house…'cause they are.

that’s a good idea :slight_smile: