Easiest way to advertise properties for lease

Have you ever put a For Rent sign on your property and received a million phone calls you do not have time to answer?

You have to check out lookandrent.com. You can easily create a website for your property and direct potential renters to it through traditional methods i.e. classified ads, or you buy a special rental sign for the property. Other marketing tools are available and the sign and site are only $25 delivered. Hard to beat.

Tenants can downloads applications from the site, email friends or other potential renters, or email you a request for an appointment with just a click.

Just thought everyone would enjoy a few less phone calls and better qualified tenants.

Doug Ramsey

For commercial properties, I would recommend just using LoopNet.Com to advertise lease opportunities.

But he doesn’t work for loopnet, focusagent…he has 10 posts, all of them are ads for 'lookandrent"…


I am a landlord of 20 properties and I invented the site to answer the shortcomings of the regular for rent sign and process. Lookandrent.com works great and I challenge anyone to find a better bang for the buck. If you rent properties Keith and are interested, I will offer you a sign and activation for free and I ask only that you reply with a post letting everyone and myself know what you think honestly.


Not the point, Doug…you have 10 posts and all are blatant advertisements for ‘lookandrent’ in DIRECT DISREGARD for the forum rules…

Forum Rule #3: No Advertising - do not post advertisements, solicitations, or offer your services;

Actually, I challenge anyone to find a better bang for their buck than THIS site, uhhhh – FREE - just follow the few simple rules which, you seemingly, chose not to do…the moderators and administrators work hard to keep the blatant advertising out otherwise, the forum becomes a “food fight” of advertising garbage.

This is NOT the way to go about advertising your site…perhaps it’s better than sliced bread – perhaps not.




My apologies. Last night was my first time at the site and I was eager to get started rather than read rules. My testimony is obviously tarnished as I am also the owner, but the site exceeded my expectations. For whatever it is worth, to repair any damage done, I will make the same offer to other REICLUB users, free activation of the personalized website. I am certain all will be satisfied. I again am sorry for any I offended.

I am actively involved in the Coastal Carolina RIC and if it helps, I former president thanks me endlessly for the creation of the concept.

Doug Ramsey

IMO, a better approach would have been to say, “Hi, I’m Doug and I have a website that I’d like some of you folks to take a look at and provide me some constructive feedback…”

Your exuberance is a positive factor…focus it on good rather than evil – LOL! (just kidding!)