Earnest Money Question From a New Investor

Is there a rule, when it comes to how much earnest money you should apply to an offer? I am ready to write offers for three investment properties and am getting conflicting advice. I plan to purchase only one of these properties. I believe I read somewhere that you can apply as little as one dollar to an offer. Any advice? Thanks…

you didnt mention the price of the properties?
i think if it is under 150k i might go up to 500$ but most likely
i would say 250$, espcially since u r making 3 offers.

never tried the 1 dollar rout, did one with only 100 today but it was between family members. make the offer and see…?

let us know what happens.

hope this helps.


How much you should offer will depend on the circumstances and property.

When dealing directly with sellers, $1.00 will usually do it.

When dealing with REO properties in the MLS, it will depend on the price of the property as well as the listing agent. Most here ask for 1% standard now.

If the property is a steal and I want to show my commitment in buying, I may offer my full offer as earnest money, payable after the offer is accepted.