eagle county CO?

hello everyone,

i’m researching an area of a friend (eagle county Colorado) to be exact. any members on this board invest in this area and can give me a little insite as to how the market is, deals, foreclosures etc.?

i checked the county clerk records online and it seems the number of lis pendens is very small.

perhaps this area isn’t too affected by our current market?

would love to hear some of your thoughts.


It’s two hours up the interstate from here…my wife’s niece and her husband live up up there.

Beautiful area…big bucks. It’s ski/golf country. A lot of folks that live up there have multiple homes around the country.

The county population density is small. There are no really big towns in the county so there are probably not a lot of foreclosures.


thanks for your reply.

it turns out my buddy can afford only a condo. i personally don’t pursue condos foreclosures in my area due to certain restrictions that owners abide by.

is there many differences or areas i should be concerned with in preforeclosures with condos (besides what i listed above)?

also if anyone works this part of CO in this area, feel free to contact me personally.