Eager to get started!!!!

I am new to all this and would like to learn the in and outs of real estate. I would like to try my hand and beig a bird dog although I am not quite sure how to go about getting started and finding a willing investors.

I am here to ask your advice and input, any would be appreciated. I am located in Albuquerque, NM. My full time job as a firefighter allows me lots of free time to seek out and follow up on leads.


Your job allows you to find burned houses to wholesale :wink:

Get the daily paper and call the “we buy houses” type of ads and ask them if they are looking for bird dogs. Most of them however, are newbies.

Look for a local investor association and if there is one join it.

Thanks for the Info

Tried contacting the local REIC and both the phone number and email address were bad.

If there is anyone in the Albuquerque area willing to help please let me know.

I highly recommend reading the following:




Real Estate Investing like any other business is all about you being your own boss, and whatever effort you put into it will reflect upon the result you get (i.e) your own perseverance or lack thereof.[url][/url]

Hi eager real estate investor. I represent a number of invesor here in Kansas City. Mayber we can talk and give you some advice. Carmen
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