Okay, I have a duplex that is a repo. They are assessed at 121,270. I looked at them and needs hardly any repair. 1000. maybe. They are asking 125,000 for them. If I do numbers of half the rent. I 'd only offer 50,000 because rents are 1000. total., but if I offer 65% of assessed price that is 78,825.they’re 2br/2ba and in nice shape.and have had same renters over a year. I will make cf with a dnpmt but not if i get 100% fin. and deduct 1/2 for expenses. What would you guys offer or would this interest you guys. It does me because I live 30 minutes from any big town and these are only 10 minutes from my house. I just like others opinions. Thanks

On a duplex I wouldn’t care what the appraised value is, neither would our bank account. On a SFH I would care because I could sell it to an owner occuppied buyer. But on a duplex that is going to be non-owner occuppied the appraisal is worthless to an investor. Run the numbers and use the numbers to determine your bid.