Duplex Financing

Hi, I found a super duplex property that I like to purchase, but the problem is that I just purchased two properties this year and I am kind of tap out of funds. However, I wanted to see if I could purchase this duplex for little to no money down and not have it go overboard on the monthlys.
This will be a long term investment, where I plan on living in one of the duplex.
All suggestions are appreciated.


  • HUD/FHA offers financing for O/O up to four units

  • VA does likewise, if you are a Veteran

  • Have you broached the subject of seller financing for all or some of the cost?


Depending on your personal qualifications (credit, income, etc.) there are numerous 100% loans available in the B/C Market place.

With some seller concessions you could get in for next to nothing out of pocket.

There are many different options out there, just depending on your specific situation and credit. :-\

Cindy Flores :smiley:

You should be in good shape if you do one of the the following - my assumption is that you’ll only need to come up about 5k for closing costs and that you can do 100% financing (80/20 style) with the right vendor:

One of three paths:

  1. take a home equity line of credit against your primary residence.
  2. get a cash advance on your credit card.
  3. take a loan against a 401k.
  4. take a second loan against one of the other properties assuming you have some equity in either of these…

The good news is this -if you’re living in this latest ‘duplex’ you’re buying, you’re quality for owner-occupant financing and you’ll end up with a much better rate.

Good luck