Dumb Question of the day!!

In GENERAL…I realize I have to do my own homework but is there a general tactic for finding properties such as businesses willing to sell???

I spoke with someone who did radio stations BUT I am not interested in that specific BUT would like to look at whats out there.

I have been looking at foreclosures and preforeclosures with drive bys and the agents I know already in the industry as well as friends who look for me and do some of the leg work to get me the owners name and numbers Doing it this way I havemore than enough for me to handle BUT would like to look at multi units which I have only came across one.

I have not seen anything of the nature of businesses such as a printing business as I am in that field. Anyone know of a general pointing in the right direction would be grateful to you for your kindness.


REI clubs for SD???

Not asking for a free ride from the experienced just a helping hand and a guide to help avoid some the pitfalls.

SD REI Club:


Don’t know where you are in South Dakota or where this is in relation to you, but I hope it helps…