due on sale clause

I need to sell my house in a city that has many foreclosures and not many sales in this price range. I want to owner finance the sale of my house as I should have a better chance of selling. I looked into a land trust and haven’t found an attorney that can help because it is deceiving the mortgage company, the buyers won’t want to take the risk, etc.
I am now looking into contacting the mortgage company and just asking them to waive the due on sale clause or deal with another foreclosed home. Does any one know what things I should ask or information I should tell them that would help get them to waive this?
Thank you

Why do you have a better chance of selling with owner financing? Are you offering better terms than the bank? Will you take a down payment?

Have you considered owner finance as part of down payment assistance?

I am concerned you will get a deadbeat borrower and still end up with a foreclosure.